Our time in Tibet willl be equally divided between learning about the Geology and Environment of the Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau as well as Tibetan Buddhist culture. Our Journey on the Qinghai-Tibet Railroad (the highest railroad in the world) will bring us to Lhasa. In Lhasa we will visit the Jokhang Temple, Lhasa's Old Town, and the Potala Palace. From Lhasa we will initially journey eastward to Samye, site of Tibet's first Buddhist Monastery, and Tsedang. Our journey to Sayme includes a crossing of Brahmaptura River by boat. In Tsedang we will tour the Yumbulkagm palace thought to be the residence of the first Tibetan king, built upon a sequence or marine sedimentary rock. We will then head into the Himalayan Mountains using Kabala Pass and Karola Pass. Near Karola Pass we will stop to walk on a glacier. We will journey West to Tingri via the Gyatsola Pass. We will tour the Rongphu Monastery, followed by a hike to the Mt. Everest base camp. We will return to Tingri and make our way back to Lhasa.